Cryptography is the technique to store and transmit information in a specific shape with the goal that those for whom the information was expected can read it and a while later process it.

"Cryptography" originates from the Greek words Crypto(hidden or mystery) and graphy (composing), so fundamentally cryptography is the craft of mystery composing. Cryptography is firmly identified with the orders of cryptology and cryptanalysis.

Cryptography can incorporate such methods as, blending words with pictures, approaches to conceal data away or travel and microdots. In this day and age, revolved around computers, cryptography is here and there related with scrambling plaintext (standard content) in to cyphertext (process called encryption), at that point back again(process called decoding).

The general population who rehearse this craftsmanship are known as cryptographers. As the Internet and different types of electronic correspondence turn out to be increasingly common, electronic security is developing too and ending up progressively vital. Cryptography is utilized to ensure messages, corporate information or Mastercard data. A standout amongst the most mainstream cryptography frameworks on the planet, utilized by an ever increasing number of clients every day is Pretty Good Privacy. The reason this framework is so well known is on the grounds that it's compelling and free. Cryptography frameworks can be comprehensively characterized into symmetric-key frameworks that utilization a solitary key that both the sender and beneficiary have, and key frameworks that utilization two keys, an open key known to everybody and a private key that lone the beneficiary of messages employments.

Cryptography frets about four targets. Secrecy which alludes to the data that can't be comprehended by anybody for whom it was unintended. Trustworthiness, alluding to the way that the data can't be changed in any capacity amid capacity or travel between a sender and a collector without the adjustment being distinguished. Another key point is non-disavowal, which implies that the maker/sender of the data can't deny at a later stage his part in the creation or transmission of the data

A typical encryption system known as a straightforward substitution, substitution figure, or Caesar figure (named after roman head). This moves the letters of the letters in order over a couple of characters. For instance, the letter set can be moved more than four characters. Despite the fact that the terms cryptography and encryption are connected, cryptography contrasts from encryption. All in all, alludes to the art of mystery codes while encryption is a genuine cryptographic process. Encryption basically implies scrambling information utilizing a calculation so just some person with a mystery key can get to it.