My Gulf Coin?


What is My Gulf Coin?

My Gulf Coin is a digital currency that is not supported by a country's central bank or government. My Gulf Coins can be traded as payment for goods or services and is also called crypto-currency or digital currency. This means is basically a way to pay without the involvement of a third-party broker.

Why is My Gulf Coin revolutionary?

The technology works for almost every type of transaction involving value. Here we include money, goods and property. Its potential uses are almost limitless, ranging from collecting taxes to enabling immigrants to send money back to their families in countries where banking is very difficult.

Why should I use My Gulf Coin?

You should use My Gulf Coin because it is a step in the right direction, the way everyone can be involved in global trading. Ignoring My Gulf Coin today is like ignoring the idea of the internet back in the nineties. If you manage to understand this technology you will see the benefits it brings for the entire mankind. My Gulf Coin is the people’s money.

How does the future of My Gulf Coin look like?

What My Gulf Coin is trying to do in the future is to allow users to have the ultimate control over their money. We plan to change the understanding regarding the concept of what money is and help the population in developing nations where traditional banking institutions are inaccessible be part of the global trading system.

Reasons to enter the My Gulf Coin universe

Send money to anyone on the planet, instantly, without any third parties or excessive fees.
Include everyone in the world in the financial system, even if they don’t have access to modern banking
The possibility to change the way we use and interact with money

We are happy to announce the latest cryptocurrency output, changing the world of money for the better days!

My Gulf Coin - a modern decentralized cryptocurrency, which concept is based not only on the mining principle, but also in a sustainable energy efficiency policies generating money. My Gulf Coin is a peer to peer digital currency, that uses x11 as it is proof of work algorithm, making it energy efficient. It offers high levels of security, privacy, stability and speed. My Gulf Coin was built on a new bitcoin codebase, and scheduled to create 19 coins every ten minutes, and approximatively 1 million coins per year. Proof of stake APR at 1%, helps reward holders, while also adding additional security to the network while the users stake. It has 2MB blocks, so it can handle many transactions in a single block.