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MGC Wallets

Features & Benefits

Mygulfcoin is more stable compared to other currencies. Its price has a lower falling risk because it can’t be influenced by outside forces, it’s not dependent on a particular market. Mygulfcoin is global and has no central vulnerability.

Transactions with Mygulfcoin are fast, easy and free. We provide applications for your smart devices so you can access your MGCwallet at any time and place to perform transactions and check payments that you received.

Mygulfcoin transactions guarantee maximum level of privacy and anonimity. Payments can not be traced or reversed back to their origin. The irreversibility of the transaction means that the buyer won’t be able to ask for the money back so you will be able to deliver the products or services right after your receive the payment.

"CryptoCurrency" — New Generation of Payment Network

MyGulfCoin is not only money, It's more than money.

Free Sign Up

We provides free sign up for each member who want to start business with MyGulfCoin "Reward Program", you must need referral link for signup!!

Activation of Account

Just buy an activation code, you can activate your account panel and you will be eligible for access all the open sources!!

Up-gradation of Account

For start mining, and get benefits of SPLIT you must need to upgrade your account with any package of SCN Learning!!

Caution – Bitcoin Mining Schemes

Please note that we are NOT associated with any bitcoin cloud mining services.

We urge users to use CAUTION before investing in such schemes.

WE only buy and sell bitcoins / gulfcoin  in India.


We get a lot of inquiries from our users regarding joining cloud mining services. Mining is an essential part of the bitcoin ecosystem. Earnings from mining schemes depend on a lot of factors like the current level of mining competition and the bitcoin price.

Sometimes we come across mining schemes which guarantee a fixed high return to their users. We are sure this is NOT possible. We urge you to use CAUTION before investing in such schemes.

Please note that we are NOT associated with any bitcoin cloud mining services